10-Minutes Skin Care


Changing seasons means changing weather… and changing weather can be tough on your skin at every age.

Our skin is amazingly adaptive to the conditions we live in. But when swiftly shifting weather throws your skin a curveball, it can take time to catch up—especially after 50.

Fortunately, your skin is also incredibly resilient. With just a few minutes a day, you can replenish your skin’s moisture and restore its luster and radiance.

Read on for three steps to revitalize your skin in 10 minutes or less.

  • 1. Cleanse gently.

    Keeping your skin clean is essential to keeping it healthy. But cleansing with harsh soaps, irritating dyes or allergy-provoking perfumes can do more damage than good.

    Avoid drying or irritating your skin by choosing a cleanser that’s soap-free, dye-free and perfume-free.


  • 2. Exfoliate regularly.

    After 50, your skin can use a little extra loving care to prevent dead skin cells from building up on its surface.

    Daily exfoliation helps your skin shed these dull-looking cells to reveal your freshest, softest skin and promote cell turnover.

    Your skin also thins and becomes more susceptible to injury after 50, so choose a gentle exfoliant that won’t cause abrasions or microtears.



  • 3. Moisturize and protect.

    Finally, it’s time to replenish your skin’s dewiness and protect against moisture loss.


    Your skin is resilient and strong. With just 10 minutes a day and these three simple steps, you’ll help your skin adapt to any weather with ease.

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10-Minutes Skin Care

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